Zhethog Orrik "Watcher"

A Dwarven Wizard with his mind set on the future and Divination.




Zhethog knew he could do it alone. After training for years under a minimalist teacher Zhethog grew weary of the slow pace of the training, eager to train and learn on his own terms he took to the mountains and practiced his magic and divination’s in a more private setting. He would get visitors from time to time, to buy the potions he crafted and gain his magical aid.

When his eyes and mind ached from reading, he tended to a herd of sheep that gathered around his hut for the rich grass and wild vegetables. His favorite sheep Maryl gave birth to 3 lambs, and then 5 months later 3 more. And when they were set upon by predators he would defend them, so they learned to stay close. He tended to the herd for years and grew fond of them, naming each of them.

One day during a terrible thunderstorm he ventured from his home to find the herd scattered, the young lambs lost. He tried to use magic and meditations to try and find his lost sheep when he was overtaken by a catastrophic revelation, his true calling.

Zhethog Orrik "Watcher"

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